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CookEas Nano Sponge (5-piece)

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Clean cooking doesn't exist, it can be a dirty job.  Over time, some surfaces can have build-up that seem impossible to remove without the use of abrasive material...until now!  The new nano sponge is the heavy-duty cleaning solution!

Professional Integrity: The nano sponge is made with material that is trusted by professional cleaners to clean better, faster, and last longer. 

Just add water: Put away that smelly bleach. Say no to abrasive, corrosive chemicals. Grab the more effective, odor-free, and non-toxic alternative. Simply Wet, Squeeze, and Wipe. It’s that easy.

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Effective: Made with premium quality melamine foam, our thick design easily lifts away dirt and grime.  Use in your kitchen, bathroom, walls, doors, floors, shoes, car, toilet, sink, and more, without the scrubbing and elbow grease!